Skin Graft Healing and Care

Risks of Compromised Skin Grafts

Although skin graft healing is highly successful on their own, some grafts may become compromised if they do not receive adequate oxygen and blood flow. Often resulting from radiation-induced tissue damage, diabetic complications, and infections or if a hematoma or seroma forms near the graft. Without prompt treatment, a diseased skin graft will eventually die and will require replacement. The most visible sign of an unhealthy skin graft is darkening skin that lacks the healthy skin's pink appearance. Additionally, when pressure is applied to a dying skin graft, it will not blanch or return to its normal skin color. If you are experiencing these symptoms near the site of your skin graft, it is possible that your wound has become infected and you should seek medical attention promptly.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Why Choose Us for Skin Graft Healing?

Increase Likelihood of Graft Survival
Reduce the Need to Multiple Surgical Procedures
Enhance Patient Well-Being
Lower Cost of Care than a Hospital Setting

Best Practices to Successful Skin Graft Adoption:

  • Regular Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments following surgery

  • Keep all of your follow-up appointments to ensure proper skin graft healing

  • Following physician instructions for cleaning and bandage removal

  • Keeping the area around the graft clean and dry

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Keep Informed. Take Care.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases tissue viability in skin grafts and decreases the need for repeat procedures. In clinical studies, HBOT patients achieved greater than 60% graft take after starting treatments for compromised grafts.

Hyperbaric Therapy for Skin Grafts And Flaps

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has demonstrated promise in reviving flaps in irradiated tissue or in areas of decreased tissue perfusion or hypoxia. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may improve tissue viability, thereby reducing the need for repeat procedures. When you visit one of our centers, you will receive HBOT using the most advanced hyperbaric technology available. Your treatment takes place in a clear acrylic chamber that allows you to recline comfortably and maintain a constant view of your surroundings. You can sleep, watch television, or listen to music while therapeutic oxygen revitalizes your body and starts you on a path to healing.

Hyperbaric Chamber